In my role as a trainer, I accomplished the following:

provided instructional design support, per course, per faculty member:
• one-on-one course design support for all faculty members
• instruction on real-time web conferencing tools, i.e. GoToTraining

created and distributed templates to add course consistency within programs:
• course template
• course syllabus
• weekly objective, task and expectation template
• PowerPoint presentation

guided faculty in the creation of individualized rubrics:
• overall activities of the course
• individual assignments and projects

helped with calculating instructional time in an electronic learning environment vs. face-to-face classroom environment

provided a course review for quality assurance of the course populated in the learning management system

provided a review of student evaluations as insight on student satisfaction, resulting in the redesign of instruction, course layout or assignments for a course to be taught more successfully the next time

note: a course evaluation included:
• a program director monitoring online course progress while the course was in session
• it also included a review of student course evaluations by the program director, instructional designer, faculty member and dean of the school/college