future career plans

Looking ahead at my future, my plans include:

collaborating with some of my well-respected colleagues to create innovative and engaging learning opportunities experimenting with, publishing and contributing to research dedicated to helping new educators with their teaching endeavors, such as:

• faculty course planning and implementation, emphasis on effective planning
• the effectiveness of blended instruction vs. online instruction vs. face-to-face
• student satisfaction as an outcome in all three delivery formats
• institutional supports that need to be in place for new types of learning modalities
• defining the needs of the learner through reflection

developing more courses for innovative teaching and learning (so far I have two and plans to develop another to complete a full suite of training courses for the new educator)

my current courses are:

for beginners:
• for faculty who are new to the online teaching environment and the course is designed to shed the initial fear of going online, shows how to get started with tweaking existing face-to-face courses into a learning management system, and last but not least, gives the faculty member the opportunity to be a student by learning through a technology driven course

for the experienced:
• for faculty who have experience teaching with technology and would like to sharpen their existing skills, learn new skills, and learn how to incorporate their schools’ mission and values throughout their instruction of their courses instruction and subject matter…it can be done

and…planning for an assessment course:
• for faculty who would like to refine their skills on assessing student learning to be sure that students are achieving the learning outcomes

• my courses are regularly updated, and are designed to be taught online, in face-to-face workshops, or a mixture of both formats

last but not least, I am interested in a “train the trainer” model where the experienced innovative faculty member will coach the new teacher of the future to gain the knowledge and confidence to grow and fulfill their passions for teaching in this ever changing time

I support all of us to follow our dreams, to do our best and most importantly to encourage and nurture our students who are the foundation of our future

May God bless!


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